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A) Implant Planner Updates

  • Faster Patient File Creation:

    Creating patient files is now quicker than ever, taking just a fraction of a second. We understand the value of your time, and this improvement ensures a seamless start to your surgical planning process.


  • CT Scan Acquisition Reminder:

    Never miss a beat! Receive a helpful reminder if the acquisition date of the CT scan exceeds six months, ensuring you’re always working with the latest data for optimal results.


  • Tooth Numbering System:

    Tailor your experience by selecting your preferred tooth numbering system, ensuring the software aligns seamlessly with your preferences.


  • Rotatable Virtual Tooth:

    Visualize your plans better than ever before with the ability to rotate virtual teeth in the 2D view, offering improved precision and clarity.


  • Manual Matching of STL Files:

    Introducing a game-changing feature – manually match two STL files. This comes in handy when dealing with CT scans full of scattering. Utilize our Segmentation App to remove unwanted elements and precisely match your scanned model to the segmented bone in the Planner.


  • Adjustable Reduction Plane:

    We’ve added a new adjustable reduction plan, allowing you to fine-tune the levels of multiple implants, especially when bone reduction is part of your plan. Easily adjust the plan in both 3D and 2D views to achieve optimal results.


  • Expanded Vendor Support:

    Access a wider range of options with the addition of vendors’ abutments and scan bodies, offering greater flexibility in your implant planning process.


  • Fixed Rotation Axis:

    Enhance your control with a fixed rotation axis. By pressing Shift or Ctrl while moving your mouse, you can now lock rotation in the X & Y directions or Z direction, respectively. This precision feature ensures accuracy in your surgical planning.


  • Compact 3D Clipping Toolbox:

    Enjoy more screen real estate with a smaller 3D clipping toolbox, providing ample space for your models and enhancing overall usability.


  • Context Menu Enhancements:

    Enjoy an improved context menu for objects, and now, we’ve introduced a context menu for nerves, making editing even more intuitive and accessible.


  • Hide/Show Object List Enhancement:

    The Hide/Show Object list has been revamped for a more organized and user-friendly experience, ensuring you have complete control over your visualizations.


  • Customizable Generic Sleeves:

    Enjoy enhanced flexibility with the ability to edit the dimensions of generic sleeves from the outset and save them as templates for future use, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your workflow.


  • Sleeve Templates Integration:

    Streamline your workflow by adding sleeves directly from your previously saved templates, saving you time and effort during the planning process.


  • Sleeve Offset Adjustment:

    Fine-tune your sleeves with ease using keyboard arrows. Adjusting the offset is now more straightforward and precise, giving you the flexibility you need.


  • Enhanced Drilling Protocol:

    We’ve enhanced the report format and boosted the resolution of captured screenshots, ensuring your planned cases are presented with the utmost clarity and professionalism.


  • Customizable Reports:

    Personalize your reports by adding your logo and creating a professional and branded presentation of your surgical plans.


  • Quick Access to Exported Reports:

    Now, you can directly open the file location of your exported reports, streamlining access to vital documents for your records or sharing.


B) Guide Design Updates


  • 3D Clipping Option:

    We’ve added a powerful 3D clipping option, allowing you to precisely dissect and examine your models from any angle with ease.


  • Enhanced Component Control:

    Now, you can effortlessly show or hide all components of each arch separately, providing unparalleled control over your designs.


  • Efficient Hollowed Base Printing:

    Say goodbye to unnecessary material usage! With the new hollowed base model feature, printing becomes more efficient, saving time and resources in the process. Design a model with a hollowed base with one step!


  • Semi-Automatic Guide Generation:

    Our star feature of this cycle! Select just two border teeth in your desired guide position, and watch as the guide area is automatically selected, simplifying the guide generation process like never before.

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