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Automatic Nerve Detection‌

Our AI-powered software now automatically detects the inferior alveolar nerve, providing enhanced guidance during implant planning. However, you can still edit the nerve manually for ultimate control and precision.

Printer Selection with Guide Measurements

Choose the printer you’ll be using and receive automatic suggestions for required guide measurements, simplifying the printing process and ensuring accurate results.

Flip Normals

Easily switch between surface activation with our new flip normals feature. Perfect for working on flipped models or creating model casts from denture STL files.

Protect from Sculpting

Select certain objects or faces not to be affected by any edits during sculpting, ensuring precise modifications without unintended changes.

Light and Dark Theme

Customize your workspace with light or dark themes to suit your preferences and reduce eye strain during long design sessions.

Tooth Numbering

Implants assigned to virtual teeth are now automatically numbered according to tooth numbers, streamlining the organization of your implant plans.

Heat Mapping for Bone Density

Visualize different bone densities with our new heat mapping feature, allowing for better assessment and planning.

Customizable Fixation Pin Sleeve

Personalize your surgical tools by customizing the sleeve of the fixation pin to your preferences and needs.

Marking Object Card

Easily mark object cards by simply standing on them, providing quick and convenient accessibility to your important data.

Different Rotation Modes

Enjoy added flexibility with multiple rotation modes for enhanced control and customization.

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